“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

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April 30, 2015 8:00 pm

Cellotronic Games


 Cellotronic Games

Kevin Davis: Cello, Juraj Kojs: Electronics

New works for cello and technologies
Jason Calloway, cello and Juraj Kojs, electronics paired in 2014 to build a program of works that engage music and technologies in game-inspired multimedia interactions. Tonight will feature Kevin Davis, cello.

In the past 50 years, gaming has become a multicultural phenomenon transforming the ways we play, work, and explore.  We learn, exercise, and entertain (exertain) ourselves and others via games.  The analog and digital platforms with their tools and controllers have been continuously expanded to facilitate access to novel stimulations and content.  New rules, challenges, and awards have tantalized growing generations of players, engaging them in competitive interactions.  Whether in the physical world or digital domain, gamers develop skills and strategies to master a labyrinth of difficulty and communication levels.  Completing the puzzle, addictions, violence, and escapist desires for a better existence have shadowed the gaming rapture.  The arts in their multitude of expressions have been at the axis of game design and practice.

Through the call for works, eight composers were selected and commissioned to compose pieces for cello and analog or digital technologies. The works offer a commentary on our game-involved culture, addressing its playfulness, drama, competitive nature and drive for success. The program includes works by Paul Turowski Adrian Democ, Ethan Greene, Lanier Sammons, Chuck Mason, Paul Turowski, Jorge Gomez and Patrick O’Malley. Jason Calloway and Juraj Kojs premiered the project on Sept 6, 2014 in Miami, FL.

May 1, 2015 7:00 pm

Face The Music

May 1May 1 A

May 2, 2015 8:00 pm

Chris Pitsiokos: Sax

May 2


8:00 Leila Bordreuil: Solo Cello

9:00 Chris Pitsiokos: Sax,  Ava Mendoza: Guitar, Brandon Lopez: Bass, and Max Jaffe: Drums


May 3, 2015 8:00 pm

Kevin Norton’s Breakfast of Champignon(s)

nov 23 better

Esther Noh: Violin, Angelica Sanchez: Piano, James Ilgenfritz: Bass,Kevin Norton: Drums, Vibraphone & Compositions (AND special guests Julia Simoniello: Vocals & Kristin Norderval: Vocals)

May 7, 2015 8:00 pm

Daniel Blake curates: Dust Storm and Red Light New Music

may 7 jpeg


8 pm Dust Storm - Dan Blake: Saxophone, Ricardo Gallo:  Piano/Synthesizer, Alejandro Florez: Guitar, Brandon Lopez: Bass

9 pm Red Light New Music  - Christa van Alstine: Bass clarinet, Yegor Shevtsov: Piano, Erin Wight: Viola, Kevin Sims: PercussionJack Daniel: Spoken word, Dan Blake: Composer/Saxophone

Dust Storm will appear in a new lineup featuring Ricardo Gallo, Alejandro Florez, and Brandon Lopez. The group explores dense harmonic textures that burst with variety and rhythmic intensity.

Red Light New Music joins together with spoken word artist Jack Daniel to premier Without Walls, a new work by Dan Blake. The chamber score has been constructed collaboratively over the past year, being built around a series of  character studies undertaken by Jack Daniel. The result is a new experiment in combining working methods to create a hybrid improvised-composed score. The piece is part performance art, part theater, without relinquishing the intensity of twenty first century musical exploration.

New York’s contemporary music scene is incomparably vast in scope, perhaps impossible to cover with a single series. With this residency at The Firehouse Space, Dan Blake brings together a range of collaborations that at least begins to represent the diversity of experiences and musical styles in music. Now in its second season, this second concert will feature a two distinct sides of Dan Blake’s collaborative chamber projects.

May 8, 2015 8:00 pm

Bonnie Kane and Friends

May 8 jpeg
May 8 B jpeg

1. Fire Maidens From Outer Space -
Bonnie Kane: Saxophone/ Flute/ Electronics
Dave Miller: Drums,
Reuben Radding: Bass

If truth can be known, this is it: the pure moment when the sounds and the harmonics of the sounds vibrate beyond hearing, opening the universe inside where all exists.  Fire Maidens from Outer Space can take you in.


photo: Karen Langlie

2. Jack Wright Trio
Jack Wright: Saxophones, Zach Darrup: Guitar, Joe Hertenstein: Drums

A master of improvisation and extended saxophone technique


3. Steve Dalachinsky and Michael Evans: Solos and Duo

Steve Dalachinsky – performance spoken word
Michael Evans – percussion

humorously serious; seriously funny; guaranteed to enhance thinking and feeling


photo credit: photo: Karen Langlie

May 9, 2015 8:00 pm

New Music Series curated by Iktus Percussion

Josh Perry: Songs 1 – IX (Stuart Saunders Smith)

Mike Truesdell: Aphasia (Mark Applebaum)

Sean Statser: Lost and Found (Frederic Rzewski)

Sean Statser: Corporel (Vinko Globokar)

(Cadillac Moon Ensemble)

Prologue (Rick Burkhardt)

Galactic Mouthmatics (Ed Rosenberg)

Kamikaze Karaoke (Matt Marks)

Switch (Alex Temple)

May 10, 2015 8:00 pm

Fan Letters & Jon Myers

May 10

Fan Letters – Dylan Neely: Violin and Electronics, Alex Nathanson: Video and Electronics

Jon Myers: Percussion and Electronics

Fan Letters creates intricate live performances with a combination of found, video, computer programming and handmade electronic instruments. Their work employs a variety of aesthetic and conceptual approaches, oscillating between noise and chamber music, from experimental cinema to Saturday morning cartoons, and complex political negotiations to school-yard games. The pieces are performed through a mix of traditional instruments, such as the violin and video projector, and experimental controllers, which can include bicycle wheels and flashlights, among other materials.

Jon Myers is a composer and percussionist with degrees from Weslyan and Mills College. He splits his time between Oakland, CA and Brooklyn, NY. Recent collaborators have included William Winant, Taurin Barrera, and Bill Baird.

May 14, 2015 8:00 pm

William Hooker – Evidence (The Baldwin Suite)

may 14William Hooker: Drums, Juan Michael Porter: Dancer, Matt Lavelle: Trumpet, Jesse Henry: Guitar, Tor Snyder: Guitar, Ar Brab, Rapper

Evidence (The Baldwin Suite) Conceived by William Hooker, is a stirring multimedia tribute to the ferociously daring novelist and social critic, James Baldwin.  Featuring  the talents of Mr. Hooker and his quintet,  this  hour long tribute celebrates Baldwin’s great works and adherence to his number one conviction which is speaking  truth to power regardless of how painful. An informal conversation with the audience and performers will follow the performance.

May 15, 2015 8:00 pm

Jonah Rosenberg: Ode to Jackeen with Ensemble Sans Maître


May 15Ode to Jackeen was premiered last year by Ensemble Sans Maitre, as an electro-acoustic chamber music work. Ode zeros in on a micro-narrative within proto-beat Kenneth Patchen’s groundbreak non-linear novel “The Journal of Albion Mooonlight” Ode draws us closer to the world of the elusive Jackeen. Jackeen’s journey begins with her transition from male to female, as the young boy Jack becomes ill and is then shot (and perhaps killed) before transforming into the coveted Jackeen, the source of Albion Moonlight’s unassailable sexual desire.

Many Interacting Worlds Theory posits that quantum activity viewed in this Universe is the product of interactions with other parallel Universes, similar to our own. Joe Bobo lives in New York City. Joe Bobo dreams and hallucinates a nebulous form, his escape from his precarious predicament elides with Jackeen’s stormy psychological environment. His daily struggles push and pull against the membrane of their worlds.

Ode inhabits the pyschological dimensions of terror, tension, sublimation and release through an electro-acoustic score, and is now being developed as a staged chamber opera, replete with video and theatrical performers – this new incarnation of Ode will feature original text, a new dimension to the piece, orated and embodied by actors Claire Moodey and Max Cramer. The juxtaposition, and superimposition of live video and theatrical staging brings Ode To Jackeen into a new stage of its development, realized as a multi-media stage drama.


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