“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Upcoming Events

April 2, 2015 8:00 pm

Dan Blake presents Timucin Sahin; Alex Weiss

April 2 AApril 2
8pm – Timucin Sahin Quartet

Timucin Sahin: 7 string fretless & 6 string fretted guitars& compositions & live electronics
Jeff Davis: Drums, Cory Smythe: Piano, Greg Chudzik: Bass

9pm – Outhead
Alex Weiss: Saxophones, Josh Sinton: Saxophones, Dmitry Ishenko: Bass, Derc Dickens: Drums

New York’s contemporary music scene is incomparably vast in scope, perhaps impossible to cover with a single series. With this residency at The Firehouse Space, Dan Blake brings together a range of collaborations that at least begins to represent the diversity of experiences and musical styles in music. Now in its second season, this seventh concert will feature a compelling double bill!


April 3, 2015 8:00 pm

Sandbox Percussion and Triplepoint Trio



Douglass Perry: Vibraphone, Ian Rosenbaum: Percussion, Jonathan Allen: Percusison and Drums, Samual Suggs: Bass, Terry Sweeney: Percussion, Victor Caccese: Percussion

Sandbox Percussion and Triplepoint Trio have come together in attempts to blurr the lines between styles. This event is featuring new works commissioned by young composers as well as original compositions. Both ensembles will perform pieces that challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone. Sandbox Percussion, a contemporary percussion quartet will present various original works challenging them to take on the role of composer. In contrast, Tripoint Trio primarily a jazz trio, will perform works written expressly for them by classically trained composers.

Throughout this evening, each ensemble will venture into uncharted territory. The audience will identify where a contemporary percussion quartet, and jazz trio meet in the middle.

April 4, 2015 8:00 pm

New Music Series curated by Iktus Percussion

April 4April 4 BApril 4 - A

The Warp Trio, andPlay, The RighteousGIRLS

*also performance of Luciano Berio’s LINEA*
Warp Trio
Mikael Darmanie: Piano, Josh Henderson: Violin, J.Y.Lee:  Cello
Lying at the intersection of a chamber music ensemble, rock band, and art project, Mikael Darmanie (Piano), Ju Young Lee (Cello), and Josh Henderson (Violin) are pushing the boundaries of music consumption through inter- disciplinary collaborations and eclectic programming that includes electrifying original material, dynamic interpretations of popular music, improvisation, and unique takes on classical repertoire. Whether performing in a nightclub, gallery space or concert hall, Warp Trio is transporting audiences to the next level of concert experience. (more…)

April 9, 2015 8:00 pm

Sarah Manning’s Underworld Alchemy

April 9

Sarah Manning: Alto Saxophone, Briggan Krauss: Alto Saxophone, Simon Jermyn: Electric Bass, Andrew Drury: Drums and Percussion

Two silver altos with utterly distinct sounds. Electric bass to agitate and ignite. Drums and percussion to stir, rumble and clank like a furnace in a subterranean laboratory. The secret of alchemy is mastery of the illusion.  We’ll take you somewhere in the dark – and leave you to find the way out.



April 9, 2015 9:30 pm

The Sound of Joy; The Music of Sun Ra

April 9 jpeg

Devin Gray: Drums, John Murchison: Bass, David Robbins: Baritone Sax, Jesse Stacken: Piano,  Justin Wood: Alto Sax, Bryan Murray: Tenor Sax

The Sound of Joy is a group put together by John Murchison to play the music of Sun Ra.  Compositions and themes from throughout his long and prolific career are intertwined with freedom and improvisation.  While the compositions will be drawn especially from the early years of the Arkestra, we will attempt to tackle them in keeping with Sun Ra’s forward-thinking attitude towards music and the universe.


April 10, 2015 5:00 pm

Tactus – Manhattan School of Music’s Contemporary Ensemble

April 10 jpeg A


MegaPower Concert – This concert celebrates a yearlong collaboration between composers and performers at the Manhattan School of Music. Seven solos – seven premieres!

This concert celebrates a yearlong collaboration between composers and performers from the Manhattan School of Music. It is the culmination of our Power Concerts, weekly musical events consisting of new and experimental works performed by Tactus. This final, exciting event of the series is the MegaPower Concert.

Kelley Barnett: Flute, Molly Shambo: Flute, Charlotte Munn-Wood: Violin, Jennifer Yum: Violin, Maria Hadge: Cello, Jason White: Piano, Jonathan Dettling: Piano

April 10, 2015 8:00 pm

Blaise Siwula / Luciiano Troja / John Murchison and guests

April 10 A jpeg

Blaise Siwula: Alto/Soprano/Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Luciano Troja: Piano, John Murchison: Bass

Over the past 7 years Blaise Siwula (NYC) and Luciano Troja (Messina Italy) have collaborated in improvised music performances and recordings. Last spring “Beneath the Ritual” was recorded with John Murchison (NYC)

After a series of concerts. Tonight they will be celebrating this trios music at The Firehouse Space. Their music is spontaneously composed with numerous influences in jazz, classical and world music resulting in a festival display of organic interplay.


April 11, 2015 8:00 pm

Christopher Adler and Andrea Lodge: New Works for Piano Duo

Andrea jpeg small


Christopher Adler and Andrea Lodge will perform works for  Piano Four hands and 2 Pianos. They will play Stravinski’s The Rite of Spring as well as works by: Marga Richter, Sidney Boquiren, Erin Rogers and Juan Campoverdes.

April 12, 2015 8:00 pm

John Dombroski

April 12

April 16, 2015 8:00 pm

The Garden of the Forking Paths

April 16 poster

Music of Arthur Kampela and Marcelo Toledo
Ensemble Las meninas de Velazquez

Through the years, Marcelo Toledo has developed a personal musical style particularly oriented toward the exploration of instrumental timbre, an aspect of his work that has become a characteristic facet of his compositions. Toledo has eliminated the traditional importance given to pitch in order to focus on a new aural matter. This is the product of research created through his essential engagement to explore -with his personal techniques- the instruments of the orchestra. Toledo’s music evolves almost biologically in an intricate sound texture made out of complex fluid sounds.

Arthur Kampela  Winner of the 1995 International Guitar Composition Competition (Caracas, Venezuela) and of the 1998 Lamarque-Pons Guitar Composition Competition (Montevideo, Uruguay), two of the most prestigious composition competitions for the guitar in the world, he is internationally recognized as one of the most representatives voices of his generation. Kampela has broken new ground in two particular ways: first, in his native country as a sort of “Brazilian Frank Zappa,” establishing himself as a true heir to the Bossa-Nova and Tropicalist movements of Brazilian recent music. Second, in his series of “Percussion Studies” for solo guitar, Kampela  has created an entirely new playing technique, combining in a compelling and seamless manner, traditional playing techniques and noise oriented, percussive effects.

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