“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris Conduction® Workshop/Atelier

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June 16, 2012 2:00 pm



Over the last 25 years, Mr. Morris has opened the door to a new understanding of  musical language. It is called Conduction®.

Employing 5,000+ musicians in 23 countries and 65 cities, Conduction® has amply demonstrated its capacity for cultural diplomacy, compelling and inspiring musicians and audiences alike. By facilitating a new social logic based on collective interpretation and personal interaction, it demonstrates a significant medium for the creation of a contemporary music.

Known for its ceaseless investigation of an “extra dimension” that transcends style and category, Conduction has also proven itself supplemental to the entire scope of musical and artistic endeavor.

Here, ensemble identity, and cultural tradition cohere.

Here, the challenge and risks of real-time creation are as demanding as they are rewarding.

All instrumentalists are welcome and should be able to take and interpret direction; have command of their instrument; be confident players/composers/interpreters keen on developing new requirements, skills of perception and enhancing ensemble intellect and artistry to best capitalize on the musical traditions or cultures at hand, and how each musician can best contribute to the collective.

This is a rare and unique opportunity for audience and musician alike to observe and experience as Mr. Morris introduces the technique and principles of Conduction, in theory and practice.

“One of the most extraordinary bodies of work in contemporary music.” - CD Review





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