FH Party_edited-2 Playing Schedule is here http://doodle.com/poll/gtctecfs3ep3kb6n

PLUS Please RSVP here https://www.facebook.com/events/1174207979341771/ on FB if you are coming.

Plus if you’d like to donate something here is a link for that https://www.eventbrite.com/e/firehouse-space-benefit-concert-tickets-31305638006
Come and play, or just come and hang. We are having a goodbye-party to the firehouse and a hello-party to the new space in sunset park. Please sign up to play it will go on from 4:00 – 12:00 and on. Jonathan Kane’s fabulous band February will close out the night starting around 11. We’ll have a 50/50 cash raffle and some other cool things plus Michael Evans will be doing his super great percussion cooking, fun to watch and very tasty!  And we’ll have the usual beer and wine available.
$15 donation at the door if you are not playing.

Playing Schedule here:

4:00  Sandra Sprecher

4:10  Matteo Arevalos

4:20  Damien Olsen

4:30  Jeremy Slater

4:40  David  Zakarian

4:50  Claire de Brunner

5:00  Skip La Plante

5:10  Dylan  Marcheschi

5:20  Ras Moshe  Burnett

5:30  IMPetus: Geoffrey Burleson, Maria Tegzes, Dave Fabris

5:40  Popebama: Erin Rogers and Dennis Sullivan

5:50  Ken Silverman Duo

6:00  Mary Prescott

6:10  Daniel Pate

6:20  Adam Tendler

6:30  Ricardo Gallo

6:40  John Loggia

6:50  Kristen and Saman Samadi

7:00  Zentripetal: Lynn Bechtold and Jennifer DeVore

7:00  Iron Flacon Style: Jason Candler and  Brendan Burke

7:10  Mindy Levokove

7:20  Quentin Tomilieri

7:30  Kaveh and Siavash Haghtalab

7:40  Lauren Lee

7:40 Martha Cargo

7:50  Denman Maroney

8:00  Stephen Gauci

8:10  A Microscope Kris Wettstein

8:20  Tyler Mashek

8:30  Earth People

8:40  Aron Namenwirth

8:50  OPEN for  Announcements

9:00  David Linton

9:10  Ken Butler and Ed Potokar

9:20  Andra Lodge

9:30  Josh Sinton and Daniel Blake

9:40  Edith Lettner

9:50  Joe Tucker

10:00  Blaise Siwula

10:00  Amadeus Harte

10:10  Ford Fourqurean

10:20  Melinda Faylor

10:30  Counterpoise

10:40  Jonah Rosenberg

10:50  Nicole Zaray

11:00  Jonathan Kane’s February