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Katie Bull: Vocals with Landon Knoblock, Ratzo Harris, Jeff Lederer & George Schuller

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February 2, 2013 8:00 pm

Katie Bull: Vocals, Landon Knoblock Piano, Fender and Electronics, Ratzo Harris: Bass, Jeff Lederer: Tenor

George Schuller: Drums

Upon vocalist Katie Bull’s return from an environmental advocacy pilgrimage to the arctic this winter to witness the melting glaciers,  The Katie Bull Group Project will explore a new cycle of original Bull compositions from the next album: All Hot Bodies Radiate. The song cycle is drawn from Bull’s passion for the issues that are arising from rising temperatures, the rising moon, the ocean current, and the nature of “heated” love. Hot Bodies will be recorded this winter, for intended release in the Fall of 2013! The Katie Bull Group Project’s players for Feb. 2nd are: Landon Knoblock, piano/electronic piano/electronics; George Schuller, drums; and Jeff Lederer, tenor will be joined by Ratzo Harris, bass. Bull prefers to work with musicians who have a range of abilities including chops in the tradition, multiple influences, their own band-leading compositional integrity, and the ability to go “out”. (Her regular pool also includes Joe Fonda, bass, and Harvey Sorgen, drums, and numerous other musicians over the years.)
Artists Statement: “Speaking as a jazz vocal artist I have felt my sense of where music lives in me shifting, as I have become aware of climate change and it’s impacts on the earth.  I consider myself an environmental advocate for lowering carbon emissions.  I have experienced this shift simultaneous with deep personal change; at the end of my long and deep marriage now is the beginning of a new life. The earth, as we knew it, will never be the same.  “Earth is now…Eaarth” (Bill McKibben, Eaarth). Some ways of life are lost forever. New adaptations must occur, for survival. Change for the better, is essential, and now is the time.
It’s a time of life and death stakes, and I might add, a time for Love.“  Katie Bull
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