“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Hotel Elefant Ensemble, Ashcan Orchestra, Iktus+ and What Where

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June 7, 2013 8:00 pm

Christopher Graham curates

Hotel Elefant Ensemble presents:

For Andie Springer, by Robert Ashley

Andie Tanning Springer, violin, Rose Bellini, cello

A Reason to Push, by Hannis Brown

Hannis Brown, el. guitar, vocals, Andie Tanning Springer, violin, Rose Bellini, cello

A Reason to Push was originally written as part of a bedroom project—a piece for guitar, electronics and looped found sounds. As I’ve experimented with the song in different settings with different collaborators (jazz ensembles, electronic musicians) the form has grown increasingly flexible and conducive to improvisation. Built on a series of ostinati, the music often incorporates found-sounds chosen at the last moment and loops that go out of phase with one another, accenting disorganization and a lack of focus.

The lyrics and general anxiety of the song regard being stuck in the loop of routine, and a coupling of not being willing to put the work in to get out of it and the fear that if that effort were exerted, it would be fruitless. “If I finally get a reason to push, all I’ll have is a headache.” Buried under that is a more or less traditional breakup song (you know the drill).


The Warmth of Other Suns, by Leaha Maria Villarreal

Andie Tanning Springer, violin

Taking its title from the book by Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns revolves around issues of migration and nostalgia. The soloist performs over a bed of pre-recorded tracks, immersing the listener in a personal voyage through musical fragments both remembered and unexplored. It is dedicated to fellow West Coast transplant Andie Tanning Springer, who gave the piece its debut performance with Hotel Elefant in March 2012.

Ashcan Orchestra  TBA

Iktus+  performs John Cage’s “Credo In Us’

Steven Sehmen, Josh Perry, Piero Guimaraes, Percussion and Andrea Lodge, Piano

What Where performs  Franck Bedrossian’s “Edges”

Julia Den Boer, Piano and Piero Guimaraes, Percussion


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