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December 20, 2013 8:00 pm

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Denman Maroney: Hyperpiano, Benjamin Miller: Muliphonic Guitar with Treatment

Benjamin Miller creates a sonic tapestry that defies standard guitar playing. He produces a dense, multiphonic soundscape by outputting several pickups separately through various effect chains. With the addition of analog tape, 8-bit SK1 sampling, and transistor radio, it is difficult to discern where any one sound originates or where it is heading – and it is this subliminal nature that Miller adheres to.

“If new expressionists closed their eyes and painted what they saw then Ben Miller must be taping shut his ears and playing what he hears…Formerly a part of the “anti-rock band” Destroy All Monsters, Miller takes the “anti” idea a step further.” — Detroit Metro Times

Denman Maroney plays “hyperpiano,” which involves bowing and sliding the strings with copper bars, steel cylinders, prayer bowls, rubber blocks and CD cases and gives him a unique sonic vocabulary. He also uses a system of temporal harmony based on the undertone series that allows him to improvise and compose in several tempos at once.

“Pianists have been tinkering with the guts of their instruments for nearly a century now, but it’s altogether likely that no one has explored the art of prepared piano as diligently or creatively as “hyperpianist” Denman Maroney.” — Time Out New York.

This occasion celebrates the duo’s first release – Canalization (CD/DVD) on Living Records.

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