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Briggan Krauss’ The Need v.3

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November 20, 2014 8:00 pm


Raha Raissnia: Film and Visuals
Briggan Krauss: Alto Saxophone and Electric Guitar
Kato Hideki: Electric Bass and Analogue Synthesizer
Satoshi Takeishi: Drums and Percussion

Raissnia’s densely textured work draws in equal measure on the gestural and photographic, the figurative and abstract. As her films render these boundaries ambiguous through layers of manipulation and reference, so too does her two-dimensional work present a world that contains aspects of both but belongs properly to neither. It features passageways to indeterminate locations and irrational architectures. “My paintings brought abstraction to he vision I captured from the world on film and now the films are bringing elements of reality into my paintings,” Raissnia says. Her viewer is left with the (impossible) task of excavating the two.

Raissnia’s work is structured permutationally, permitting levels of signification and interpretation to coexist in, to quote Roland Barthes, a “multi-layering of meanings which always lets the previous meaning continue, as in a geological formation, saying the opposite without giving up the contrary.” In his text the Third Meaning, Barthes suggests that neither still nor film exceeds, precedes, nor fully contains the other. The same can be said of the still and moving image in Raissnia’s multifarious body of work—the two are placed in perpetual counterpoint.

Raha Raissnia(b. 1968, Tehran, Iran) received her BFA from the School of the Art institute of Chicago in 1992 and her MFA from Pratt Institute in 2002. In the interim, her interest in avant-garde filmmaking led her to take on an internship at Anthology Film Archives (1995-1999), where she has also exhibited. She has presented all three areas of her practice: that is painting, drawing, and filmmaking in various configurations both outside and inside of gallery settings.

She has collaborated closely with musicians such as Charles Curtis, Briggan Krauss, Dalius Naujo and Aki Onda. She is currently an adjunct professor at Parsons The New School of Design. Her work is represented by Miguel Abreu Gallery in NY, Galerie Xippas in Paris and Galeria Marta Cervera in Madrid.

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