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May 16, 2015 8:00 pm

Tak Presents: Christopher Otto and The Power of Emotion


May 16A performance of Christopher Otto’s 3x4x5x7 for 4 string instruments and sine waves, followed by talk-opera, The Power of Emotion, featuring music by Taylor Brook and text by Shonni Enelow.

Erik Carlson- Mezzo Violin
Emily DuFour- Alto Violin
Mariel Roberts- Tenor Violin
Jay Campbell- Baritione Violin
Christopher Botta- Live Mixing/Sound Design

This work presents just intonation scales that collide to create polyrhythmic beating. The instruments of the New Violin Family made by Carleen Hutchins have a unique clarity of tone and pitch, and the performers will be placed in the four corners of the room. The just intervals will interact with four channels of sine tones to create a slowly changing immersive harmonic field.

The Power of Emotion
Created by Katherine Brook + Shonni Enelow / TELE-VIOLET
Written by Shonni Enelow
Directed by Katherine Brook
Music by Taylor Brook
Costume Design by Diego Montoya
Performed by Katiana Rangel, Lucia Roderique, Jessie Shelton, Alex Spieth, and TAK ensemble.

Inspired by theories of acting, opera divas, and the emotional grammar of performance, The Power of Emotion is a new work about the form and force of affects and emotions on the stage.

All tickets $10

Please note: The L train will not be running between 8th avenue and Lorimer. For alternate travel routes, please consult the Firehouse Space’s helpful guide here: http://thefirehousespace.org/uncategorized/note-no-weekend-l-train-service-april-18-may-17/

April 18, 2015 8:00 pm

there’s no one here to help you : David Bird / Cole Hager / Ellery Trafford

April 18


David Bird prepares an immersive live electronic score to the previously un-soundtracked 1999 horror film “The Blair Witch Project”, featuring contextual readings by Cole Hager, and a poignant percussive performance of Jessie Marino’s “Ritual I :: Commitment ::  BiiM” by Ellery Trafford.

Check out a teaser here


Calling The Blair Witch Project a phenomenon is flirting with understatement. From the moment of its première at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival (where it screened as a midnight movie), Blair Witch was a full-steam word-of-mouth express, with people who’d just seen it grabbing those who hadn’t yet by their parkas and shaking them violently, insisting that they absolutely must. An innovative online marketing campaign—launched when the Internet was still a relatively new toy for the general public—followed, creating even more frantic wanna-see by making it appear as if the film were non-fiction. Found-footage horror, which had previously barely existed as a genre, became so popular that it’s still going strong 15 years later; there are movies in multiplexes right now that only exist because of The Blair Witch Project. Shot for an initial budget that’s been reported as less than $50,000, it grossed just shy of $250 million (closer to $350 million, adjusted for inflation), making it one of the most profitable films of all time.

March 21, 2015 8:00 pm




Duo with Sam Pluta: Electronics and Bryan Jacobs: Guitar and Electronics

Trio with Alice Teyssier: Voice and Flute, Michael Weyandt: Baritone, and Bradley Rosen: Voice

Tonight will feature two sets of solos and duos with live electronics followed by a trio performing a cohesive set of vocal/theatrical pieces and sound images.

Alice Teyssler: Flutist and lyric soprano Alice Teyssier brings “something new, something fresh, but also something uncommonly beautiful” to her performances. Hailed as possessing a voice with “unusual depth,” Alice’s mission is to share lesser-known masterpieces and develop a rich and vibrant repertoire that reflects our era.  (more…)

February 21, 2015 8:00 pm

Loadbang and Music of Victor Lowrie and Greg Chudzik

Feb 21jpegfeb 21A jpeg

Feb 21 B

Loadbang – Adrian Sandi: Bass Clarinet, Andy Kozar: Trumpet(s), Jeffrey Gavett: Baritone Voice, William Lang: Trombone, Victor Lowrie: Viola and Greg Chudzik: Bass

Loadbang performs a set of very old and very new music followed by Victor Lowrie: Viola and Greg Chudzik: Bass playing their own composed and improvised music.



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