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Yoni Kretzmer’s NEW DILEMMA

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January 22, 2015 8:30 pm

front IIIYoni Kretzmer: Tenor Saxophone, Frantz Loriot: Viola, Daro Behroozi: Bass Clarinet, Leila Bordreuil: Cello, Pascal Niggenkemper: Double bass, Flin Van Hemmen: Drums

Yoni Kretzmer’s chamber sextet, New Dilemma, driving force, is the constant search of the borders between the written and the improvised sound. It aims, through Kretzmer’s compositions, to find (or maybe create?) these borders and then blur them till obscurity, till it is not clear whether the band is improvising or not. The musician themselves are, and the music itself is, posed with the question: Is the music at this moment improvised or predetermined? As though the musician is asking – am I/we improvising or not?

Kretzmer’s compositions aim to highlight this “dilemma” and make it focal point of the ensemble.

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