“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

The Firehouse Space Commissions for Evolving Projects: Daniel Belquer and Pat Spadine

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February 28, 2015 7:00 pm


JACOBZ LADDR is a technospiritual ritualistic intermedia performance where the ladder is used as a metaphor for heightened states of biophysical connectivity based on the controversial assumption that our DNA can be reprogrammed through vibrations. Words, digital interactivity, voicing, music, video, light and live performance are intertwined to construct a momentary bond with the audience celebrating the now through consciousness and presence.

Directed and Conceived by Daniel Belquer
Choreographed by Joe Waltz
Performed and developed by Daniel Belquer, Matt Fidler, Mike Sperone and Kevin Ramsay
Featuring Hans Tammen, Malik Crumpler and Murilo O’Reilly (specially from Rio)
Light design by Daniel Belquer and James Cao
Videos and cards design by James Cao
Software design by Daniel Belquer, Mike Sperone and Kevin Ramsay
With the kind support of Eventide Inc. and Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center
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Ashcan Orchestra - Cory Bracken, Philip Panos, Tim Rusterholtz, Austin Vaughn, Jeff Tobias, Pat Spadine

Coming to grips with it’s own technophobia, the Ashcan Orchestra will be presenting works composed for a new series of instruments constructed during investigations into the balancing of automation and human performance. Ranging from electronic to mechanical, Ashcan has been building new soundmakers and interfaces as a search for a toolset which can enhance the available resources for composition and capabilities of performance, without sacrificing the qualities of human personality and error inherent to it’s music. Beyond their sonic influence the instruments have also extended their presence to new systems and compositional techniques gathered during their engineering and employed in the new works.

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