“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Open Music Ensemble

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March 2, 2013 9:30 pm

The Ensemble will present Mindful Music which is a participatory event structured as follows. After a brief introduction with meditation instruction, the musicians will play improvised acoustic music which the audience is invited to use as the focus of meditation. Participants may also engage in any other contemplative, quiet activity such as yoga or journaling while the musicians perform. Musicians move about throughout the space as the audiences engages in their activities of choice. At the end, musicians and audience are invited to share their experiences of the evening.

Kenya Kawaguchi: Shakuhachi, Ann Dearth: Transverse Flute, Ken Silverman: Oud and Guitar, Sandra Specher: Piano, Philip Foster: Light Percussion, Brian groder: Trumpet and Fluegelhorn,  Daniel Levin: Cello,  Miyu Leilani: Butho Dancer

The OPEN MUSIC ENSEMBLE is an evolving cooperative of versatile professional music improvisers from various cultures performing with instruments from around the globe. Our music is from (and for) the heart and spirit. It is universal, para-national, trans-cultural, egalitarian, and non-sectarian. It is for everyone – for listening, meditation, relaxation, contemplation, healing, and, if you wish, dancing.

The ENSEMBLE creates and performs acoustic, improvised, unpredictable but organic music. The ENSEMBLE musicians allow the music they create to come through them rather than to try to create the music they play. The notes, rhythms, and sounds in an OPEN MUSIC ENSEMBLE performance are intuitively created by the ENSEMBLE members during the performance as they listen to each other and respond spontaneously to what they hear. In this way, the ENSEMBLE’S sounds and rhythms move to a deeper level and offer the audience a more profound musical experience.


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