“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Foreigners: Robin Cox (Violin/Electronics) and Rusty Banks (Guitar/Electronics)

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October 25, 2012 8:00 pm

Mike Lowenstern presents NYC electronica:

Over the course of my career, I’ve met a number of people who, not surprisingly, don’t often play in New York. It’s often a thankless place to play. I was able to twist the arms of two of my favorites, Robin Cox, from LA, and Rusty Banks, from Lancaster (PA), to make the trip out to Brooklyn. This is a unique chance to hear these two in town together!


Robin Cox and I go way, way back. He has been a driving force in his native LA, known primarily through his work as the director of the eponymous Robin Cox Ensemble, as director of the popular Iridian Arts series and Iridian Radio. With RCE, Robin toured throughout the country, producing three acclaimed CD recordings. Now, after thirteen years with his well-known ensemble, he returns to New York as a solo artist., performing works of his own, Amy X Neuburg, and New York’s own Eve Beglarian. www.robincox.net


Rusty Banks has a sensibility that I really love. He’s one of the breed of composers who has no pretense — he just writes great music. Rusty is an amazing guitarist. Period. He uses this in combination with found sounds, altered samples, and ambient textures played from boomboxes placed throughout the performance space to create rich sonic tapestries. Pieces from the “Boombox Series” of Rusty’s works make use of controlled “chance” elements in a way that is surprisingly inventive and beautiful. Seriously awesome. www.rustybanks.org

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