“One of the most remarkable spaces I've seen in New York City. ”
Guest, Nov 2011

Cargo Cult

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September 30, 2012 8:00 pm

led by Tomas Ulrich  with Rolf Sturm – electric and acoustic guitar, Michael Bisio – acoustic bass,  Tomas Ulrich – cello


“This is chamber Jazz of the best sort …. a formidable and potent combination of sensitive improvisers with a delightful sense of interplay and individual virtuosity … There is a very distinct ensemble presence, strong material, and really interesting soloing from all hands  … you should definitely not miss it.” Grego Applegate Edwards Cadence

“Ulrich’s voice on the cello is one of the moist poignant and distinctive sounds in modern music  - he can sing with the warm tonality of a human voice, lavishing much grace onto glorious melodies, but also veers off into places voices can never reach … his warm tone and distinctive depth of expression lets you know it’s him and nobody else playing …” Paul Zollo  bluerailroad.com

“The tone of Ulrich’s cello automatically speaks volumes of personality, no matter how romantic, melancholic, strangely joyful or stringently abstract his musical line sounds. Bassist Bisio invariably supplies the plane for the low tones, skillfully demarcating supportive rhythmic gestures, marking out his own wide tuneful territory or bowing in order to expand the resonance of the cello. … Sturm establishes the top layer of this cake of rich sonority. His fingers hang onto notes that linger for a couple of counts or they find ornamental figures that carry on or extend the dominant thematic direction….. These three musicians are in it for the long haul… It is delightfully surprising to hear  both lightness and playfulness tripping through the music …”  Lyn Horton JazzTimes

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